please note:

you can do it alone*

* you are self-supported throughout the race


BIKE 102.9 KM (1702M)

RUN 26.9 KM (1138M)

June 1st, 2024


extreme half

Reinvent yourself. Make a step towards your dream.

Consider trying the self-supported KARPATYMAN Extreme Half, no need for a Support Team.

Please don't underestimate this race. You'll swim in cold water and run through the tough mountains of Zakarpattia Region.

Because KARPATYMAN is a half-extreme triathlon, and our main goal is the safety of the participants, we have determined a limit of participants of only 150 solo and 50 relay slots.

We believe that with self-motivation and determination, you can successfully reach the finish line.

KARPATYMAN Extreme Half does not need a Support Car or Team, nor even a Support Runner.

So, it’s welcoming to more athletes.


When registering at the Cultural and Art Center – amphitheater (Kolochava village, Mizhhiria district, Zakarpattia region) all athletes are required to show identification documents and insurance for the day of the competition.

The participation fee is 5500 UAH (solo), and 13000 UAH (relay).

Entry fee in case you cancel the slot is non-refundable.

KARPATYMAN's starting slot is individual and is not subject to transfer to another person.

The person who uses the number of another participant during the competition will be disqualified and will be refused participation for the next 2 years.


Athletes and their Support Teams must sign a Disclaimer before receiving the starting numbers (the Disclaimer must be provided when registering at the amphitheater (Kolochava village).

Registration is open until April 1, 2024.

Swimming Stage

2.0 km in Tereblia-Ritske Reservoir (11-15°C) near Mereshor village (Mizhyhiria District, Zakarpattia Region)

Cycling Stage

102.9 km from Tereblia-Ritske Reservoir through mountain passes along Synevyr, Mizhhiria, Pylypets, and Volovets (Zakarpattia region).

Ends T2.

Total elevation 1702 m.

Running Stage

26.9 km from Pylypets to Polonyna Borzhava, via six mountains:

Gymba (1491m), Zhyd-Mahura (1517m), Hrab (1374), Shyrokyi Verkh (1257m), Kychera (1257m), Kruhla (1208m) to the Richka Village.

Total elevation 1138 m.

Total Elevation 2840 m

During KARPATYMAN Extreme Half drafting is prohibited.


The most important thing for us is your safety.

It is forbidden to continue the competition after disqualification.

Mark 10 km on run is used due to mountain weather conditions.

Strong wind, rain, and snow conditions may not be forecast with 100% accuracy.

There will be a mandatory pre-race briefing where any last-minute changes will be brought to your attention.

The organizers retain the right to modify any aspect of the race before the day of the race.

Please be nice to marshals and crew – they’ve given up their time to ensure your safety.


There is no cut-off time at the finish line for those who have exited T2, however, should we feel the weather conditions are unfavorable we may stop you early.

This will be solely at the discretion of the organizers and will be non-negotiable.


The Wetsuit is mandatory at water temperature below 15°C. The thickness of the wetsuit should not exceed 5 mm. It is forbidden to use flippers, tubes, or blades during swimming.

KARPATYMAN Extreme Half is a self-supported race. Support cars are not required.

There will be two aid stations provided (45th km /bike course/ and 10th km /run course). If you need gels/bars/water, you will need to stop. We advise you to try to support yourself for the whole running stage.

Race timing chip must be always worn (will be provided)

The athlete's starting number is not to be worn during the swim and must be stored visible in T1 until the athlete exits the water.

The Start number should be visible behind the bike and in the front during the running stage.

A reflective vest is a must during the race, starting with T1.

The bike must comply with ITU regulations and have lights in front and behind, that should be turned on during the bike ride. Helmets are required.

No change of bike or wheels are allowed except due to mechanical failure. In this case, the KARPATYMAN Crew will need to be informed.

Just so you know, on the Bike Route, you do not have priority on the left turns (check the course). Do it if you need to stop and wait for a safe turn.

Your bike will stay at T2 after the competition. It will be a Course Transfer Vehicle from the Finish line to the T2.

Your Run Bag for T2 is required before the pre-race briefing.

Your T2 Run Bag will be checked pre-registration and during the race (T2 and 10 km on run). You will not be permitted to race without it.

Run-Backpack for an athlete must contain:

long sleeve water/windproof jacket (with hood) and pants, hat and gloves, food and drinks,

mobile phone, flashlight.

A Run-Backpack from T2 is mandatory.

Competitors will receive their Finisher T-Shirt at the Award Ceremony on Sunday, June 2nd.

Course Transfer Vehicle (CTV) is not your Support Team. It will bring all athletes' belongings from T1 to T2 after the last rider.

During the bike course, you must carry everything you need, or you can wait for the CTV transfer assistance.

During the transition from Swim to Bike all your items must be contained within one bag provided. We will collect these bags and bring them to T2 (School in Pylypets).


Competitions are held in the Carpathian Mountains. Difficult weather conditions or other causes may require us to make changes in the competition.

Taking into account possible extreme weather conditions in the mountains during the running at point 10 km will be monitored for:

- physical capacity of the athlete to continue running;

- availability in Run-Backpack of long sleeve water/windproof jacket (with hood) and pants, hat and gloves, food and drinks,

mobile phone, flashlight.

Doctors, Marshalls, General Manager, or Sports Instructor of the competition have the right to suspend an athlete from further participation at any time due to their health condition or risk of injury.


The Course Marshal and Sports Instructor may impose penalties on athletes and support teams for violating competition rules.

Engaging in any prohibited activities may result in time penalties or disqualification.

  • Road traffic regulations must be always observed by athletes.

  • During KARPATYMAN Extreme Half you are not permitted to draft other competitors.

  • Traffic regulations have been violated.

  • Blocking or obstructing the movement of vehicles or pedestrians on a road or sidewalk.

  • Using headphones, headsets, or mobile phones while cycling and pacing on the bike leg are prohibited.

  • Drafting off another athlete or motor vehicle.

Yellow card (minor violation) – warning.

Blue card (second violation) – 15 minutes to your finishing time.

Red card (third violation, major violation, or dangerous behavior) – disqualification.

Officials will monitor athletes for dangerous or unacceptable behavior and issue penalties as needed from official race vehicles. Penalty Fines will be available for review in T2.