extreme triathlon


BIKE 182.1 KM [2199M]

RUN 44.8 KM [1771M]

October 12th, 2024

you are the best version of yourself.

We have created KARPATYMAN, an extreme triathlon for you. This event is about reaching the finish line and embarking on an amazing journey at an altitude of over 2000m. You will experience the Atlantic air invasion, along with rain and snow. Get ready for an unforgettable experience!

This race is not only tough for the athlete, but also a real challenge for the Support Team.

If you continue to make excuses for your fears and laziness, you will never reach the top of Hoverla in the extreme triathlon KARPATYMAN.

It is solely for those who are truly determined. For people who possess strong willpower.

remember: you can't do it alone.


KARPATYMAN extreme triathlon is an extremely difficult race from point A to point B through the geographical center of Europe (Dilove village, Zakarpattia region).

An amazing and exciting journey through the picturesque Carpathians with a unique and memorable experience, but with many challenges for athletes.

Conquering your fears and doubts.

You will start in the Tereblia-Ritske Reservoir (11-15°C).

You will overcome 230 km against the Atlantic air, rain, or even snow. If you can endure, you will finish at the highest point of Ukraine - on Hoverla mountain (2061 m, total elevation 3970 m).

Because KARPATYMAN is an extreme triathlon, and our main goal is the safety of the participants, we have determined a limit of participants of only 200 people.

We are sure that self-belief and your strong will can help you reach the finish line and scream with excitement:

        "I'M KARPATYMAN!"


Twenty-three athletes from across Ukraine, the United Kingdom, and Poland gathered to take on the first KARPATYMAN Extreme Triathlon challenge. Many successfully crossed the finish line and achieved their goals despite the challenging conditions of darkness and cold.

[get ready for the next edition of KARPATYMAN, and prepare yourself mentally and physically for the ultimate triathlon experience in the Carpathian Mountains]

Oleksandr Osypchyk, Ukraine

I had a dream of reaching the top of Mount Hoverla, and I worked hard to achieve it. I was blessed with an incredible Support Team that never allowed me to give up. During the race, I realized that the time it takes to complete the race is not as important as persevering and achieving one's goal.

I strongly encourage you to give it a try.

extreme half
June 1st, 2024
October 12th, 2024
extreme triathlon


BIKE 102.9 KM (1702M)

RUN 26.9 KM (1138M)


BIKE 182.1 KM (2199M)

RUN 44.8 KM (1771M)

reinvent yourself:
be honest with yourself:

2023 KARPATYMAN Finisher

Mountain T-shirt/blue/winner/11:36:46

Anastasiia Romanets, Ukraine

2023 KARPATYMAN Finisher

Mountain T-shirt/blue/15:24:00

To complete the KARPATYMAN extreme triathlon, a Support Team is essential. It cannot be done alone. My Team was amazing.

I will challenge myself there again. I also recommend you to do the same.

Oleksii Alforov, Ukraine

2023 KARPATYMAN Finisher

Flat T-shirt/yellow/13:24:18

Thanks to my Support Team, I was able to finish the race. This experience shattered my beliefs about human limitations.

I am definitely in for the next start because I want to conquer the Hoverla.