Participants registration

When registering at the Cultural and Art Center – amphitheater

(Kolochava village, Mizhhiria district, Zakarpattia region)
all athletes are required to show identification document and
insurance for the day of the competition.


The cost of participation is 3000 UAH.


Entry fee in case you cancel the slot



KARPATYMAN starting slot

is individual and is not the subject to transfer to another person.


The person who uses the number of another participant
during the competition will be disqualified and
will be refused participation for the next 2 years.


Athletes and their Support Teams must sign a Disclaimer
before receiving the starting numbers
(the Disclaimer must be provided when registering
at the amphitheater (Kolochava village).


Registration is open until August 01, 2023.

Date Time Event Location


October 11

17:00 Official seminar on the opening of the competition

Cultural and artistic

center — amphitheater


October 12

11:00 — 19:00 Participants registration

Cultural and artistic

center — amphitheater


October 13

11:00 — 14:00

14:45 — 16:00

Participants registration

Obligatory briefing before the competition starts

Cultural and artistic

center — amphitheater


October 14

03:00 — 03:45


Bikes Registration

Karpatyman extreme triathlon start 


Tereblia-Ritske reservoir


October 15

11:00 — 12:00

Award ceremony for participants

Finishers group photo


viaduct bridge


Swimming stage:

3.8 km in Tereble-Ritsky vdskh (11-15°C)

near Mereshor village

(Mizhyhiria District, Zakarpattia Region)


Cycling stage:

180 km from Tereblia-Ritske reservoir

along Dragovo, Tereblya, Bushtyno, then along the road H09 along Tyachiv, Dilove, Rakhiv, Yasynia, Yablunytsya to Mykulychyn (Ivano-Frankivsk region).

Ends T2.

Total elevation 2158 m.


Running stage:

42.2 km from Mykulychyn on H09 to Tatariv, turn left on P24 to Sadyba Argylusha, via Zaroslyak

to the top of Mount Hoverla.

Total elevation 1725 m.


Total elevation 3883 m. 

During KARPATYMAN extreme triathlon

drafting is prohibited.


The most important thing for us is your safety.


Staying on the top of Hoverla in the dark

or if you are exhausted – very dangerous.


It is forbidden to continue the competition

after prohibition.


Athletes who do not have time to finish at the top of Hoverla,

will be able to finish the iron distance and

will be awarded Flat T-shirt.


Marks 27.5 and 38 km are used due to weather conditions
in the Carpathians.


Strong wind, rain and possible snow
make the last 4.2 km to the finish line to the top of the mountain
very dangerous.

Activity Time limit
Finishing swimming stage 2 h 15 min
Exit from T2 12 h 00 min
27.5 km out of the mark
for the finish line at Hoverla
with a Mountain T-shirt
14 h 30 min
Exit from the mark 38 km to finish on Hoverla 16 h 30 min
Exit from the mark 30.7 km
for the finish line in Vorokhta
with a Flat T-shirt
17 h 30 min
Finish in Vorokhta There are no time limits

Wetsuit is mandatory at water temperature below 15°C.
The thickness of the wetsuit should not exceed 5 mm.

It is forbidden to use flippers, tubes, blades during swimming.


The athlete's starting number should be visible
behind the bike and in the front during the running stage.


Reflective vest is a must

during the race, starting with T1.


The bike must comply with ITU regulations and

 have lights in front and behind,

that should be turned on during the bike ride.

Replacing the bike is prohibited.


Backpack for an athlete and for one person

from the Support Team must contain:


warm clothes

windproof jacket and pants,


food and drinks,

mobile phone



A backpack from 38th km of running stage is mandatory. 


The Support Team has the right
to join the running stage from 27.5th km,

while running ahead of the athlete is prohibited.

The Support Team consists of one or two participants,

chosen by the athlete independently, and one car.


The athlete is responsible for compliance

Competition rules by Support Team.


Please note if your Support Team

creates a dangerous situation behaving inappropriate

or violating the rules of competition,
you can be fined or disqualified.

fined or disqualified.


Support team (maximum 2 persons)

must register  along with the athlete

and get a reflective vest and bracelet,

as only one person is allowed to have an active support,

who is wearing a reflective vest.


The Support Team is obliged to wear the issued

reflective vest and be constantly in touch during the race.


Support Team car must have stickers

KARPATYMAN extreme triathlon and the starting number of the athlete

on the hood and trunk (rear window) of the car.


The Support Team is allowed to provide the athlete with food,

beverages or clothing, as well as technical assistance.


It is forbidden to drive a car

closer than 100 m behind or in front of the athlete,

as this may cause an emergency situation.


During the cycle stage, support for an athlete is allowed only

in case of a complete stop of the car outside the markings. 


It is prohibited to provide support
through the car window, even if it is stopped.


The athlete is not allowed to get into the car
during the race, even if the car is stopped.


To pick up an athlete's belongings from transit zones,

a team member must be wearing a vest and a bracelet.


The Support Team can join running

next to the athlete only from 27.5th km.


Running ahead of the athlete is prohibited.


Car maintenance is not allowed from 16.8th km.

The valley was beautiful. For the better part of the morning, the valley was cloaked in shadow, the Chornohora range preventing the sun's rays from reaching the bottom of the dip between the mountains.

Competitions are held in the Carpathians at an altitude of more than 2000 m, with the Atlantic air, rain or even snow.


Difficult weather conditions or other causes may

make us make changes in competitions.


From the mark of 38th km of the running stage the trail begins.


Taking into account possible extreme weather conditions

at the top of Hoverla at this point is checked:


      - physical capacity of the athlete and the Support Team

continue on the way to the top;


- availability in both backpacks warm clothes, food,

water, a mobile phone and a flashlight.


It is forbidden to finish on the top without Support Team member.


Athlete, who will not be accompanied on the last segment by the

Support Team member, will be stopped

and movement is allowed with the next athlete who arrives. 


Car Support Team is mandatory.


The Support Team provides their athlete with food and beverages during the cycling and running stages.


We will provide athletes with a hot dish at the finish line.


Doctors, Patrol, General Manager or Sports Instructor of the competition have the right to suspend an athlete from further participation at any time due to his health condition or risk of injury.


Patrol race is entitled to

apply penalties

to the athlete and the Suport Team

 for violation of the rules of the competition.


Yellow card – warning.


Blue card – 5 minutes to your finishing time.


Red card – disqualification.


Fines received

will be available for review in T2.